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You are not part of the ron paul mvt. you are part of a liberty movement. You may use ron pauls name like many others do here, but disagree with him on many issues that are of the utmost importance to him.

BTW. Ron ran on the Libertarian ticket but DID not become one.
facts please.
Much like GJ just did.
The libertarian party will take what they can get- but neither Drs. paul were ever libertarian and Ron only ran as one, but never became one.
He never sold out his true conservatism.
But thanks for the spin.

Find one clip where paul says he is a Libertarian.
You cant because hes not.
He is and always has been a conservative and only left the republican party for a short time, but he never gave up being a republican, he simply left the party. Much like myself. But my voter card still identifies me as republican and I consider myself one and this is what bites libs and libertarians because Ron Paul did the same thing.
Just because you keep saying ron was a Libertarian in 1988 does not make it true. Libertarians hold NO POWER in our gvt.
8000 districts and libertarians hold NOT ONE.
No congressional power and a Libertarian in todays definition, never held the white house.

facts please.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016