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At least half to three

At least half to three quarters of gun owners would turn them in to avoid the outrageous penalty, which is usually death or lengthy prison terms. Of the remaining quarter, they would have their guns removed as the police came across them in daily stop and frisks, check point crossings, etc. The guns hidden away in your house are not a threat, they are only a threat when they come out and as long as they don't all come out at the same time, the government would pull another Waco ever time some patriot tries to reclaim his "rights". The ONLY workable recourse would be for hundreds of gun owners taking a stand up front and together, BEFORE the weak ones fold. Whole towns with thousands of gun owners meeting Federal agents at the city limits, and letting them know who is in charge without even shooting. Fifty well armed ATF agents are not about to shoot into a crowd of 500 well armed citizens surrounding them no matter the thickness of their body armor. As word of the first successful encounter spread, people all over would feel empowered and soon the state would be looked upon as a joke! Anything less, in my opinion, we all lose!