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I saw him on cspan this morn too and I am baffled as well. I first heard of Dr. Paul after the 1st debate. he was a curiosity to me, but i wasn't a supporter. I wasn't a supporter of anyone. as time went on, I saw more video clips, watched a couple of debates and became more interested. I didn't think he had a snowball's chance though. just before the 1st money bomb I watched closely with all the excitement bouncing around on forums and wondered if you guys could pull it off, and you did. I took the pitcher of kool-aid and started passing it around to friends and family and strangers. the donations coming in outpacing the competition and the straw poll results gave me hope. it was more than 'spammers'. I believed there was interest, but would it translate into real people in the real world? It appeared a struggle, but a struggle that was winnable.

NH disappointed me because I believed that would be the breakthrough state. I talked with people in and out of the party. convinced democrats to support Dr. Paul, ones that never had voted republican before. convinced people that had dropped out of the political scene to take a look and saw the hope in their eyes that Dr. Paul was something real and not just another republicrat that didn't care. the only group that I had trouble with were the die hard republicans. the higher up in the party they were, the more anti-Paul they were.

just like zogby, I was baffled. Ron is Reaganesque, which the GOP sees as the second coming. Ron is for liberty, the constitution, has the military support, is bringing in young people in droves, raising more money, creating a real buzz, yet they resisted. I don't get into the CFR/new world order stuff (not that the people that do are wrong, just not my focus) but there is some real resistance by the party. the party that Dr. Paul represents to a tee. the party that knows what is wrong with this country and that the other candidates have no clue. yet the are afraid of voting for Dr. Paul.

the voters are getting this from the media and party officials and it is trickling down that he can't win and we need to win. we need to beat the democrats. we need to be more like the democrats to beat them. lemmings. people are lemmings. I am so disgusted with the GOP. I am still promoting Dr. Paul, keeping a brave face for the people I speak with. I am voting for Dr. Paul in November period. I am voting libertarian for those running and democrat for the other offices. The GOP will get no votes from me. I plan to use the lemmings to see that the republican nominee can't win (unless a major miracle happens and we do get Dr. Paul on the ballot) and they should send a message by voting for Dr. Paul. try to convince them that voting for a McCain or Romney is wasting a vote since he can't win. follow me little lemmings over the cliff and send a message that we don't approve of the GOP candidate. If they're unwilling to write in Dr. Paul's name, vote democrat fro president. If unwilling to do that, just leave that blank and vote for the other offices they want to.

I haven't given up, though I know it sounds like it. I just needed to vent. This will probably be my last election which breaks my heart, but if Americans can't see what is in front of them, what is right and true, then I need to plan my escape after November. I had 90% given up after bush and the repub congress pissed away the chance they had to show the country fiscal restraint and what a smaller federal government looked like. that was what I thought I was voting for. Dr. Paul gave me hope. I pray he (and all you guys) give me hope again, but honestly I'm losing it. Maybe when I get his new book, maybe a win somewhere, maybe events will lead to a convention swing for Dr. Paul. maybe...