Comment: Debunking the debunk is just too easy.

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Debunking the debunk is just too easy.

1. They claim the "second shooter" was the dad, but now we know there was an "off duty" armed goon involved.
2. They say the gun mix up is over zealous reporting. Yet the media claimed those reports were from cops, and they were 100% consistent. 2 Handguns inside, 1 rifle in the trunk, with video of them taking a long gun from the trunk. AFTER the ME said everyone died of long gun wounds, suddenly the number and type of weapons was all over the board. To this day, I cannot find a "final answer" on WHERE WAS THE MURDER WEAPON? It is sort of the KEY piece of evidence, and I am to believe that the first 24 hours where everyone agreed that Lanza was found with 2 handguns is a matter of confusion, and the hodge-podge of nonsense ever since Carver spoke is the clear answer? That no one confirmed what the MURDER WEAPON was?
3. The nurse - she was being introduced as "Sally" and her name was "Sarah." THAT was legitimate confusion that can hardly be blamed on the confused. That allegation has gone away as soon as TRUTH came out.
The rest is just about the odd emotional reactions. That is being used as a ruse to discredit the VERY LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS. I do find the consistent lack of tears very odd.
And I notice he does not "debunk" the very puzzling problem of how many kids were in Soto's class, and where they all wound up. Several people have tried to figure this out, and it does not add up. That is not a theory, that is a question.
I find it hard to believe that Jesse has no questions. I hope the reply below indicating this may not be coming from Jesse at all proves to be true.

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