Comment: Sadly, the situation is a bit

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Sadly, the situation is a bit

Sadly, the situation is a bit more dire than this.

They control our food and water. Most people are "not" prepared. There is a reason they've engineered a global economic collapse to coincide with the disarmament of the last "potentially" free society on earth. There is a reason that for the last century they have been teaching Americans to be dependant and without tangible, real world skills.

Gun confiscation is not going to happen with thugs going door to door kidking in doors and having a shoot-out, at least, not at first. When they want you to turn in your guns, they'll turn off your water, and the food will stop showing up at the grocery stores. Most gun owners will gladly turn in their firearms for a glass of water, and check into a FEMA camp for a bowl of gruel. My brother is such a "gun owner," as are most of the others.

Those "preppers" who remain (and the media is already trying to make us look like terrorists) will be few and far between. The media will demonize us for hording precious food and water while the good people of America starve. The government will humbly request sanction from the disarmed American sheeple to come and "reclaim" our horded supplies for the good of the people. The American sheeple will cheer as the full might of the NATO military complex is brought against us "domestic terrorists"

Even then, it won't be thugs kicking in doors. It will be drone missles from a thousand yards away in the dark of night. Our AR-15s are not "relivant" technology to dethrone the Orwelleons.

I cannot stress enough to all of you naive idiots waiting for the collapse in the hopes that like a phenoix from the ashes, American liberty will rise again. Its bullshit. Utter bullshit. The "people" will side with whomever promises them Big Macs and Monday night football. We are "vastly" unlikley to win this militarily. Even if we begin to prevail, the elites will flee to their preprepared shelters and nuke us.

This is a battle we have to win politically. Quit thinking your rifle is going to save you from the Orwelleon nightmare looming on the very near horizon, and start understanding that if you want a future for your children, you'd better file to become a PCO, get on any electable position you can, and start reshaping this country from INSIDE the power structures. Its the ONLY way. And your time is running out.