Comment: An escape route or hidden

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An escape route or hidden

They wouldn't make it there that quickly. Besides, all you are trying to do it get out of there with your firearms alive. Meaning, your house is yours no longer, you have to abandon it. Either you are going to make a stand or you aren't. If you think you are going to tell them you sold your stuff or lost it and they'll just say "OK, later", you are crazy. If you have guns "registered" to your name on 4473s either you give them the guns, show proof you don't have them and who does, or you are being detained indefinitely under NDAA or similar until they show up. Even then they won't let you go because you lied. They aren't going to let you go with the potential that you might go dig up your guns and start shooting at them next time they come to another house.

An escape route or hidden underground "bunker" would be a good idea and not very difficult to make. Plenty of plans for that on the web you can do for under $1000.