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It's great

I've been on Ting for a few months, coming from at&t. To try it out I purchased a refurbished gen1 android - an LG optimus S. It's not too bad considering with the $50(now $25) joerogan.ting(dot)com discount dropped the price of the phone to $6 shipped with no contract at all. It has all the capabilities of my iphone 3gs but has some annoying bugs(reoccurring error messaging). What do u expect in a $6 smart phone.

I get MUCH better voice reception side by side with at&t in every location I have tried it, it's so nice to not cut in and out in rural areas and I am in them alot. The 3g is not quite as good as at&t in rural areas but, I speculate that this could be due to the old school phone I am currently running it on. While using it near the city it is as good or better than at&t. I plan to stay with ting and upgrade phones soon regardless.

I called a few days ago for my brother asking for information on getting his number switched from at&t to ting(i got a whole new number myself). On the 2nd ring! without one single automated prompt a very nice AMERICAN girl named Katie answered and in just a few seconds I had my answer in plain english. "You need your ssn and your at&t pin number at the time of activating your phone."

So yea, I'm excited to be with ting and have only great things to say so far.