Comment: Rand - Mitt Romney for president - Paul is poison

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Rand - Mitt Romney for president - Paul is poison

I keep saying it. I will continue to warn everyone I can. This man is not one of us. He is not his father. He is not even a shadow of his father. His agenda is not liberty. His agenda is president Rand. And no the two agendas are not commingled. The liberty agenda is a tool Rand is using to achieve his goal - political power. Rand has seen firsthand the power and potency of the grassroots movement his father has created. Rand aims to harness this burgeoning political force. After all, he's in on the ground level. The liberty agenda is a means to an end for him. That is how he will use it. I admit I could be wrong about this. Someday I hope I will have to admit I spoke out of school. But I can see no other way to read his actions.

For the crowd that seeks to rationalize and give cover for Rand's mounting pile of lies, double speak, betrayals and displays of poor judgement, I offer this analogy:

Picture a young woman that works as a prostitute to make money to fund her missionary work promoting the gospel of Christ. This is in essence what the Rand apologists say that Rand is doing. He is in bed with, promoting, making deals with, aiding and abetting, the enemies of liberty - all for the purpose of promoting liberty! Brilliant! How does that work? It doesn't work. It only exposes Rand as a fraud. It only destroys his credibility. At best it dilutes the message. At worst it renders the message incoherent. This is the gospel message carried on the lips of an unrepentant prostitute. So much rubbish. This is Rand Paul.

Expect Rand to continue to apparently do good things for the liberty movement during his time as Senator. This is is M.O. The tea party libertarian. This is his schtick. This is how he hopes to con the next generation of would be conservatives, just like the neocons enslaved the well meaning but naive and jingoistic would be conservatives before us. In the end Rand will reveal that he is for sale, again and again. His apologists will keep pointing to this good bill he wrote and that good vote he gave and make the "he's the best that we've got and he's working stealth" plea.

But he isn't one of us. He's just a whore.