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It's one thing for Rand to pretend to craft his words in a way that makes him appear to hold to a philosophy that he really doesn't (support for Israel's zionism). It's something altogether different to engage in what appears to be apologetics for support of zionism's goals and activities.

The dedication to a strong anti-war sentiment and disgust with Israel's treatment of the Palestinians among Ron Paul's supporters may be much much much stronger than you seem to realize, and I think it is, and you could end up isolated in a minority among the Ron Paul insurgency in the GOP and in the middle of an internal feud and squabble.

From comments from others, I am predicting Rand might very well lose a huge chunk of his dad's supporters who are now embedded in the GOP. For many the whole "peace" and anti-war thing is their #1 priority and your "shhh, we are pretending to appease Israel only until Rand gets elected" thing is just not going to fly with them.

Expect a division among the ranks and for them to seek somebody else to get behind. And also expect the whole deception thing to be a no-go also for many.

Just sayin'. The "unity in deception" thing might already be doomed. ;)

Also, the supposed plan for Rand to act like a zionist only until he gets elected is DISCUSSED OPENLY here on Daily Paul. The zionists are probably reading it right now if they haven't already...

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