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Comment: I Will Quote Directly From The Article...

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I Will Quote Directly From The Article...


"‘It is not up to the U.S. to dictate’ to mayors and West Bank officials where housing goes', Paul added."

"The answers need to come from the participants who live on the ground in these areas. I think it’s just presumptuous and arrogant of us to think, well, we’re going to go down to a roadmap of Jerusalem and decide where the neighborhoods can be expanded?"

"... and told his (Rand Paul's) audiences they needn’t "go on bended knee" to the U.S."

I encourage everyone to read this article. It is literally the most slanted article I have ever read. It is as if the author is trying everything he can do to discredit Rand Paul... like talking about controversial statements that people from the organization said years ago that Rand Paul never even hinted at endorsing.

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