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"Sorry, but we don't need AK 47's"

Shouldn't it be up to the consumer to decide what products they "need" or don't "need", value is subjective after all.

Should it be up to others what medical procedures one needs, or whether one "needs" alcohol or cigarettes?

Or should it be up to the individual to decide what is right for them?

Before you object that guns kill people, consider that medical malpractice kills at least 197,000 in the US annually, tobacco kills 435,000 and alcohol kills 83,000 annually, guns only account for 12,000.

Are hospitals, tobacco, and alcohol not more deadly than guns?

Should the government be able to regulate how many cigarettes or alcoholic beverages I may consume?

What about how many hospital visits I can make?

I submit that they have no more authority to do any of this, than they do the authority to tell me how many bullets I can have in a magazine, or what type of firearm I may own.

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