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"Who doesn't believe you have

"Who doesn't believe you have a right to eat, provide shelter for yourself and your family and the right to defend against aggressors?"

I want to point out two things about this. This is kind of what I am talking about when it comes to rights that you can enforce/protect.

You can say that you have a right to eat. Isn't that meaningless unless you also have a right to food? It is such a silly kind of logic. It is the same thing when Obama says that Obamacare isn't a mandate; you can avoid it by paying taxes. Ridiculous.

The other point is that some people are actually born without mouths. Others with digestive issues that practically preclude them from eating. Do they have a right to eating?

"Find me one person who doesn't agre and maybe we can talk."

Barack Obama? The pope? CEO of Monsanto? Kim-Jong Un?

Literally, are you saying there has never been nor will there ever be an individual who disagrees with this natural rights? Hell, to this day, we still have people who believe in the morality behind slavery. It wasn't too long ago that it was the worldwide norm. The exact idea that you don't have a right to the things you mentioned.

Now, can you force others to accept your definition of rights?

"No, a right is a right. Enforcement of that right is different. You are talking about whether or not you will be successful with your rights. Some will, others won't. Not everyone is successful at finding food, providing shelter and defending themselves. But the rights still remain with them."

Under this logic, you are basically saying "you have the right to TRY and find food, the right to TRY and find shelter, the right to TRY and defend yourself".

What if someone else tries to prevent you from finding food, finding shelter, etc. You say he has no right to that, but he is much stronger than you and can whip you into compliance. What is the plan now?

You need to go in more detail about these rights. If I take someone else's shelter, have I violated any rights? We both have the right to find shelter, I have now earned the right to that certain shelter.

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