Comment: To win what!?!?

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To win what!?!?

An office that has no real power and that the zionists will have him killed if he doesn't do as they wish?

Ron Paul never had any real effect on any legislation or any of the cogs of government! Yet through being a STATESMAN who voiced a MESSAGE and displayed integrity and honesty he has awoken and built a millions strong coalition of citizens with the goal of liberty and freedom from tyranny in their hearts. And Ron did this without as much as a hand touching any wheel or lever of power!

And they FEAR us and what we may be on the verge of achieving. Rand's dance of deception in his quest for an office may very well tear it all down. Rand wants control of what his dad wants to destroy!

Keep your bullshit lies and deception and pretending that heinous immoral things are just fine. This is disgusting. Speak only the truth and speak it loudly and with confidence. Only from that will true change be possible. Changes in hearts.

Either Rand is stupid or he is evil...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~