Comment: Move to Mexico. That whole

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Move to Mexico. That whole

Move to Mexico. That whole place is a gun free zone.

Why are you here? If you cannot understand how fundamentally vital an armed society is to freedom, you are in the wrong place my friend.

250 million dead people, slain by THEIR OWN governments in the last century. Governments are the SINGLE LARGEST FORM OF UNNATURAL HUMAN DEATH. read that over and over and over until it clicks.

Don't think it can happen now? Our government is no in the business of assassinating American citizens. They are turning us into a surveilance state, monitoring every communication we engage in.

They will soon have lethal drones roaming our skies, looking into our homes.

They have secret prisions, they engage in torture.

They have destroyed your right to a trial, a fundamental right won by countless deaths over thousands of years of brutal tyranny in the Magna Carta.

All you have left standing between you and a death camp is that your countrymen are armed to the teeth. Thats it.

And now they want your guns... one innocent step at a time. You better wake the hell up Jack.

Also, if you don't think you need a semi-automatic gun for home defense, than you should go learn something about guns. Your pistol isn't going to do shit when 2 or 3 people break in to rape your wife and kids. You "Might" kill one, but not before he also kills you. Pistols do not have "stopping" power. You can fataly shoot someone, and they will keep shooting back for minutes to hours before they die. In order to stop them, you'll have to empty your entire magazine just to drop one. What are you going to do about his pals while you're fumbling for your spare clip?

My family is protected by a semi-automatic military style rifle with a high capacity magazine so that if anyone breaks into my house, I will turn them and their friends into swiss cheese using a gun that has STOPING POWER and enough bullets to kill the lot of them without having to reload, even if I miss a lot.