Comment: This guy's a troll. Probably

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This guy's a troll. Probably

This guy's a troll. Probably a liberal looking for some sensationalist story to publish on some idiotic gun-grabber website.

I tell him why a semi-auto rifle is vastly better for home defense than a pistol, and his response is: "It almost sounds like you want somebody to break into your house just so you can use that gun and kill somebody."

This is the kind of jackass liberal imposter that goes around trying to paint people who believe in self defense as "crazy" or "blood thirsty" for their lame-stream media bosses.

Is it even worth mentioning the hypocracy of someone who is willing to use armed thugs to murder and steal the property of good people in the disarmament process? This guy didn't come here to get info or debait. He came here to troll like a prestitute.

Ignore him.