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1) your argument can then be used against someone owning a stove which can accidentally blow up and cause a fire that spreads to the neighbors house

Disagreement: the initial blast of the exploding stove is determinably smaller (and likely proportional from 1 person to another) in public scope than the bomb (ie. 1 person to multiple), while ensuing flames are incidental and largely unpredictable. Hence civil stewardship is unnecessary

2) I don't know what that means

Sorry, it's another way to say that the virtual principle of 1 individual being ethically conscientious of another's life or death is practically lost with multiple rounds to 1 trigger mechanisms (tough to describe but hope that clarifies)

3) I am not sure what you are disagreeing with

Sorry again: arguably the difference between a militia and the military is that the former is a private association bound by personal ethics, while the other is a civil organization bound by civil law