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there is no such animal as an

there is no such animal as an assault rifle. you should be able to tell from the nature of the word that it is just a political scare word. there are automatic and semi-automatics. automatics have been illegal since the 30s. semi-autos have been around since the 1870s or some such. there are no other forms of firearm. the spooky looking semiautomatics you see on teevee are used in a miniscule number of crimes, and are functionally the same as any other firearm with a magazine that you don't need to cock in between shots.

so if you want to repost this without reference to non existent assault rifles we could proceed with a further discussion. you might say "why should anyone be allowed to have a semiautomatic rifle or handgun," to which we might be able to reply. but since assault weapons don't have an actual existence the discussion must break down at that point until we have a common terminology.