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the only sentence in this

the only sentence in this post that matters is: "Am I really that extreme because I believe the line is right before an automatic rifle which holds a clip with more than 10 rounds and your's is right after it?"

no automatic rifles are legal anywhere or have been since prohibition. so you reveal you have no familiarity with your subject. this disqualifies you to hold an opinion on it which anyone should regard as credible.

the second part of the above statement is that clips with more than 10 rounds are not needed. why do police officers have standard clips with more than ten rounds? because they might face more than one armed attacker. anyone defending a home or business from invasion would face the same threats that a police officer would face.

felons are already barred from owning firearms. strict laws exist in many states and locales. unless you want to institutionalize the mentally ill and strip them of their rights, you really have no grounds to invade their privacy. if they're a danger with guns they're a danger in general and shouldn't be walking around the streets. so if you want them on the streets and to have the full rights of citizens to vote, to drive, to own hammers and knives and to wander the streets muttering to themselves, then yes, sorry, but it isn't appropriate for you to single out on their right to buy a firearm: you have decided in an overall sense that they are sane, and that decision comes with the risk that they will harm others in all kinds of possible ways. they don't lose their rights without due process.

so we've really narrowed it down to one proposal that you can still cling to, limiting the size of magazines. its a silly idea. it will hamstring individuals facing groups of attackers and do nothing to slow down a mass shooter attacking scattered unarmed individuals who can simply load a new clip. i wouldn't support it. but if you are weak minded and emotionally shallow and just feel the need to pass some goofy laws to make you feel better and to allow you, in good conscience, to avoid the real social ills that lead to random massacres, then go ahead. get the law before the legislature and let the chips fall where they may. there are certainly plenty of other fools out there along with all of the aforementioned mentally ill voters wandering about.