Comment: As good ol' Dr. Paul would say- a little gun control

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As good ol' Dr. Paul would say- a little gun control

is like being a little pregnant.

You need assault weapons* to defend yourself in cases of more than one attacker, or you’re a bad shot. * “Assault weapon” is a term created by the media. All guns can be used for assault or defense. There are over 18,000 home invasions every year which shows a need for home security.

For those affected by gun violence- tragedy can not be legislated away. There are 32,000 car accident fatalities a year. Most of us have been affected by those, but we still drive cars.

There already are background checks to try to keep bad people from buying guns. Restrictions on magazines don’t prevent accidents, stupidity or crime, they just set precedent for more restrictions. The 2nd amendment says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Even if you hate guns, others still have the right to own them without infringement. Even if we hate satan worshippers, the 1st amendment says they can still practice their religion (provided they hurt no one else). Who’s place is it to pick and choose which right is acceptable? Which shall prevail, the rule of law or mob rule?