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Thank you for your post! I

Thank you for your post! I would rather have teachers and principles carrying a weapon, but the teachers unions won't go for it. What are we to do? By simply having a police officer at every school does not automatically make every school a prison.

Don't send your kids to the government education camps. Home school your children. But for those who have no choice in the matter, I'd rather have a police officer at the school than not have one at all. There has to be some kind of compromise...if the teachers can't be armed, then the school should have at least 1 trained police officer. And who's to say that the police officer on duty would simply stand there all day? There are a lot of veterans out there who want to be teachers, have served their country honorably, went to college, know how to shoot a gun...but they can't find a job in America today.

I think every public school in America should teach young adults about guns and guns safety. If a student wants to learn how to shoot a rifle, a class should be offered for them to take.

Marksmanship 101
Gun Safety 201
History of American Firearms 301

Teachers unions should rethink their anti-gun positions....just think how many jobs would be created, and everyone would be safer for them.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.