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Comment: I think he may have even bigger balls than his dad.

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I think he may have even bigger balls than his dad.

To put it rather crudely.

As a fervent Rand defender on this forum I tried really hard to think of something bad to say about Rand, just out of a sense of fairness.

Can't do it.

What I can say is that the guy has been doing all of the things he has for the last 2 years in the shadow of his father, knowing that he was being held to a monumental standard, knowing that he was acting under a microscope of potential criticism, knowing that the 'future' would be looking back at his early freshman days, knowing, knowing...

setting yourself up to be hated from within as well as without? clearly a masochist as I see it. And here he could be relaxing on some island as we speak...

OK, faults? Get a haircut. Making people jealous of your spritely curls just alienates the base...

Chris Indeedski!

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