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Comment: A good example of how to

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A good example of how to

A good example of how to engage an audience. Like him I never call Ron Paul or myself a 'Libertarian' because Ron Paul is also an Independent and Republican and Constitutionalist, etc. Mackey explains himself as a 'conscious capitalist' which might as well describe Austrian economics/free market economics, but offer that large liberal audience the opportunity to segregate any negative feelings towards political words and engage that audience, and in line with his book.

I often visit whole foods to buy a few products, but since I'm a student and pay 6.8% interest on everything I spend (b/c I have to borrow more if I spend more), I have sacrificed my ideal foods a bit. Trader Joe's is a a good compromise having better prices but still some quality food that doesn't have toxic food dyes, preservatives, and other carcinogens in their products.