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This isn't fantasy land.

This isn't fantasy land. Guns exist. Criminals have guns. Tyrants exterminate millions of people all over the world, but only when they gain a monopoly on guns.

There is only one solution in a world where guns exist. Make sure that power is balanced. Power corrupts, and if any one group gains power over another, we know from thousands of years of human history what the outcome will be. Lords and serfs. Slaves and masters. Victims and predators. Why do liberals have no capacity to learn and understand history?

As soon as you said: "You sound like you want someone to break into your house so you can kill them with your gun" I knew you could not be taken seriously.

I have young children. No one wants their children involved in a fire fight. If I "wanted" that, id put a gun-free zone outside of my house to invite the criminals in instead of a "Beware of dog" to keep them out.

That said, ill be damned if im going to turn myself and my family into victims at the mercy of whatever murder/rapist/pedophile/government wants to break into my home and do whatever they please, because a few idiots were too afraid of big bad guns to educate themselves and use a bit of basic common sense.