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You are ignorant of history

Washington retreated many times. He even surrendered his arms to save his army. If he had not, he and his army would have been annihilated and the revolution crushed. Suicide is not victory, it is self-inflicted defeat. Pointless, suicidal stands are the vestige of hothead losers. No one can name one instance where an outnumbered and out manned resistor won a war by committing suicide. Even the Spartans were totally annihilated. There is nothing nobel about dying needlessly. Live to fight again.

No one is saying to meekly comply. No one is saying to actively turn your guns in. No one is advocating going to a FEMA camp. Draw the line there for sure! The point is to use your brain rather than your useless, childish ego. If you cannot win in the moment, then try to figure out how you can live to fight again. Don't waste your life.