Comment: Actually, You Are Ignorant of History

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Actually, You Are Ignorant of History

At no point in the video dis the minister say that going into a FEMA camp was acceptable. If the choices are death in a camp or death in a firefight, then a firefight is preferable and dignified.

But of the choice is death in a firefight or merely losing a gun then the choice is obvious for any person who desires victory.

Strategic retreat was the hallmark of Washington's strategy. Resisting (forgoing escape) when the result is certain annihilation is stupid and the choice of hothead idiots. History is repleat with strategic retreats. The British strategically retreated from Dunkirk, saved their army, regrouped, and lived to fight again. Conversely, the Spartans and the Germans refused to retreat due to their stubborn egos and were thus totally annihilated.

Live to fight another day. Read Sun Tzu.

The point made in the video is not that you should proactively comply, but rather once confronted with the option of 1) surrender a gun and be left alone or 2) stand your ground and end up incinerated like David Koresh, then the rational choice is obvious.

Retreat, regroup, then retake.

Use your brain, not your ego.