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I totally agree with you, but

I totally agree with you, but I disagree at the same time. While you own the wood the tree-house is made out of but not the concept of a tree-house. I was talking about software. And in software, you do not own the language the program is made out of, you own the software. Also a software is technically a physical object even though it is so small (measure in bites) remember according to Vsauce on YouTube the entire internet weighs a gram. :-). But none the less software is not an idea it is the result of an idea. And in this instance the software is not created by you it is created by them.

You simply duplicate it without building it yourself and sell it to others for cheaper or just steal it or distribute it for free. All of which in my opinion is theft. Some programs involve innccreeedddible brain power and man hours to create beyond anything you could imagine. at the end of the day they own that final product. They do not own the idea of the final product. If you want to sell a media playing program you have to make your own, you can't pirate the software and sell it for yourself. But you have every right to make your own media player.

So I totally agree with you about the abuses of government on intellectual property but it goes far beyond what I am saying. What I am saying is everyone has the right to make something and distribute it who cares if it is the same as someone else's. You MADE it. But you don't have a right to steal what someone else made. I think it is morally true in the software and hardware. You own it when you make it yourself and can sell it under that condition.

The problem in this area is that its just too easy to duplicate. Which makes me wonder if we should really even bother trying to protect the software legally, and leave it up to the people that manufacture it to keep it safe. It seriously is a controversial area.