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Would you prefer I give the

Would you prefer I give the rapest/murderer/pedophile/tyrant a fair chance to kill me and have their way with my family?

Is it not "fair" to the criminal if I use superior force to DEFEND my life from those who would snuff it out?

Let me make it plain. I do not want the POS trying to kill me and my family to have a ghost of a chance of success. I want to have overwhelming force so that when he enters my home to satiate his sadistic desires on my loved ones, he leaves as a bullet riddled sponge.

Do I "want" to kill anyone? Nope. But if you are asking me to measure my families lives against some POS criminal in the act of trying to take them, or some gun-grabbing facist who feels I should be a victim with no means to defend my family? I will kill them without a moment's hesitation. Not 1 milisecond.

A pistol with a small magazine is not sufficient to this task. My family is more important to me than your illogical fears or facist motivations.