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Many prominent

Many prominent African-Americans have been saying this for a long time but all you hear on commercial media are radical Teabaggers, fringe quote "Black Leaders" whom hold no real clout in the black community, Zionist Warmongers, Neo-conservative Bible-belters, corporatist fascist and Limousine Liberals.

The Average Joe (man, women and child of all racial and cultural backgrounds) on the ground gets paid no mind. They will throw you a legislative bill here and there to temporally appease you and your social demographic but at the end of the day simple structural issues will not be addressed that could fix many of our socioeconomic problems because the public at large are a bunch of low information, short attention span, judgmental hypocrites. Few individuals in politics possess honest and transparent conviction without ideological, social, cultural or racial bias which prevents them from bringing people of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds together to politically combat these entrenched good old boys cults.

Ron Paul was an anomaly sadly his offspring does not subscribe to his fathers honest and transparent conviction. He may strongly subscribe to his fathers ideology and may in the end achieve his goal of becoming president of the united states but that personal achievement will be irreverent without loyal troops that subscribe to your ideology in positions of power throughout the government to faithfully implement that said policy without the need for kickbacks and gifts.