Comment: we should have justice.

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we should have justice.

but the truth is, justice doesn't come from laws, it comes from what is "just" or "righteous". hence, Rights.

laws were supposed to protect those Rights. it doesn't matter what a person drives, carries, has in their basement, etc.. if people want to kill other people they will find ways to do it... killing isn't justified just because you have an f16, and if you have one then others will too... so what's the big deal? if you try something stupid, someone else is going to attack you back and bring you too justice. the problem is when only 1 person or 1 group of people are allowed to have "all the power" ... like when you ban certain weapons from law abiding people... that just makes it so people who care about the law can't defend themselves against people who don't. the notion that you are going to deinvent something by banning it is absurd.

and the 2nd amendment was written with only one thing in mind, ensuring a free state. there is only one way to do that... you have to be able to defend yourself against people with the same arms they would use to violate your rights.

by the musket logic, freedom of the press only pertains to 1 page papers because printing presses back then could only print small amounts...

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