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"Where would you draw the line?"

"Where would you draw the line ?"

Where? Common sense.

Try to regulate the ownership of knives by people, and make "knives control laws" just because some crazy of them might want to consider/confuse chainsaws with them and harm their neighbors' kids.

Seeing better?


You don't need to make gun control laws. Because you don't need to make nuke control laws EITHER.

A C T U A L L Y.

It is YOUR government who has decided nukes aren't good for the people to own.

But. Find me someone who REALLY wishes they had a nuke to defend themselves.

It is YOUR government who is now trying to decide which guns aren't good either.

The Big LIE of the 19th and 20th centuries, ongoing : that people's wisdom and common sense is nothing and government's is everything that counts.

You may buy it.



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