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I answered your question.

I answered your question. You may have missed my point, that I can rephrase once again:

why nobody tried to make knives control laws? Because nobody cares. Certainly not the government: they'll find funny you bring a knife to their gun fight if they want to take SOMETHING ELSE from you one day.

It's about principles. And the practical.

"My line is at machine guns; because machine guns are made to kill masses of people. I think anything semi-automatic is okay."

Fine. I could have the same in fact. With just one little modification: then, make sure NOBODY ELSE has those.

N O B O D Y .

Not even law enforcement or your government's (or even, mine) military.

Why would anyone need those if you and I aren't allowed to have them?

Just: WHY, then? Right?

"There is no common sense. If sense was common, then we would not need to argue anything. Sense is an opinion. People tend to think that those who agree with them have sense, and the opposite for those who disagree."

Good for us.

Now at this point I know we will both save time, then.

Because while you believe it (or think it as absolute truth) ... well, I believe the exact opposite.

And I have no intent to even try change your opinion (which almost always fails anyway. We all decide when and how our opinions change, if ever). It's just all about a basic assumption that completely underlies any argument from there on.

Just saying:

if there is no common sense as you say (maybe you're right), then you should start having someone writing laws and regulations (gov't-enforced) about every single of the milliseconds and experiences of our lives.

Start now. It's a lot of work ahead, I'm afraid.


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