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Have You Ever

studied herbal medicine? Here is a tidbit for you if you really think that people that do are quacks. I have a neighbor who got bit by a brown recluse. He HATES going to the doctor. So, okay, he wanted to pretend it didn't happen and hope for the best. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. After 3 days he was turning black around the wound, he was in horrible pain, and he was broken out in a rash all over. He decided he HAD to go to the doctor. The doctor said he needed to be in the hospital and have surgery to remove the area of the bite. Well that was BEFORE the doctor found out he didn't have insurance at which point he told my neighbor he just needed some prednisone. Well now instead of handing you a prescription they have started calling it in to the pharmacy of choice. No doubt due to some new crappy federal law. Anyway, this guy sat and waited for his prescription for 45 minutes and then decided to just come back the next day. Well the next day the prescription still hadn't been called in to the pharmacy. By now he was getting worse and pissed at the doctor's office. He was telling me as much so I told him what to do to fix it. (I have read a lot of books) I told him to use activated charcoal both on the bite and internally. I also told him to drink aloe vera and use that on the bite as well. He thought I was nuts but he was desperate so he took my stuff and used it and 1 week later the bite was darn near healed and the pain was gone. 2 weeks later the rash was gone. Total cost (outside of the lame ass doctor's fee) was 15.00. No scar, no surgery, no bullshit. A brown recluse bite is a very serious and damaging thing to have happen. A lot of doctors prescribe the same meds for it as for leprosy. I used activated charcoal (carbon) and a one dollar aloe vera leaf from a Mexican grocery store and had it healed in no time. Was that a placebo too? So much for your great medical system.