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Well, funny coincidence.

Well, funny coincidence. Since I live in California, my own wife told me about that law a few weeks ago. I'm not even sure we were talking about this current gun control laws thing.

And we both find it idiotic. In a catalogue, we could see many OTHER types of knives as deadly (or more) than the few ones illegal, which could be even more easily concealed than the formers, too.

Yeah. Dear government can tell us what is the best to use for killing by the crazies and should be made illegal. Sure.

Tell me about logic.

I'm afraid they're just more interested in making sure YOU (and I) don't have this or that type of guns, for WHATEVER purpose they find impractical to deal with, that YOU (and I) won't get to know.

Again. You can try regulate just about anything. It's a choice/acceptance.

Just not mine.

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