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A nuke cannot be used in

A nuke cannot be used in reasonable self defense by an individual. There's no way to defend your home with it. There's no way to target a specific aggressor without ridiculous cost in innocent life and property damage. No single individual should ever be able to use such a weapon.

An "individual" in a home should be limited to the sorts of weapons which can apply selective targetting. We have neighbors. There are cars going by. A military paterned rifle with high capacity magazines is perfectly fine for this application.

Conversly, explosives, chemical weapons, etc cannot be reasonably controled to target "only" the agressor without unacceptable risk to innocent bystanders. Unlike a military patterned rifle which requires very little training to handle safley, weapons such as the above mentioned require specialized training to handle safley. They require specialized storage to keep safley. They present utterly unacceptable hazards in an urban setting where normal occurances like house-fires may happen. A gun isn't going to detonate spilling toxic chemicals or a blast radius to take out your neighborhood when your house burns down while you're away for the weekened.

These things should be common sense.

However when it comes to "community" defense against an external or internal threat, thats where the militia comes in. A local militia should absolutly have access to an armory filled with military grade weapons of war, including battle rifles, explosives, missles, tanks etc. These should be handed out to civilians who rise to the defense of their community up to the level of their training.

That's my take.