Comment: I agree, the Kenyan Muslim BS

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I agree, the Kenyan Muslim BS

has been a misdirection hoax to divert from finding out his real father who was a stauch communist. I just can't believe how ignorant the majority of the right wing 'birthers' are in falling for the whole Muslim BS, when he is attacking more Muslim countries than Bush, the evangelical non-Christian Zionist. Bush was a deceiver to push the right into supporting the Zionist mythical God given state. Obama follows the Zionist Bolsheviks methods that comprise the leadership, along with many of the settlers. Here's an overview of a book written by an American Judaic, who after returning from Vietnam, decided to move to, what he thought was the Homeland for all the Jews where all received equal standing. However, he quickly learned that the Ashkenazi Bolsheviks who believe they are superior to all the other class of Judaics. Read and learn, while keeping in mind, things are much worse.