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Comment: Why always invoke an army?

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Why always invoke an army?

What about, say, a police state?

2nd Amendment is about making sure no privileged group has a monopoly on violence. No one likes to hear this, but that's the bottom line.

Of course no one really NEEDS an "assault rifle" - however, in free society, every law abiding citizen NEEDS the right to own one, especially when police/army are being issued them as well.

Govnt has drones? Sure, but they have no right using them domestically (and otherwise...). In case there is a government who would use things such as drones against its citizenry, you'd wish you had at least the rifle.

It really is about the balance of power between the people and the ruling class. It's not a rocket science to see that once you lose that balance, it would be impossible to do anything when the government gets full totalitarian.

No one likes revolutions and civic uprisings but it's the possibility of them happening that keeps the rulers in check and democracy in shape.

Like it never happened before. You think people were stupid or uncivilized before WW2? On the contrary! They were just as cool and easy-going as we're now and they thought the times of tyrant kings were over.

Liberty is always in danger, constantly.