Comment: The fact that you identified

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The fact that you identified

The fact that you identified this post with Pennsylvania sickens me to no end. If you are from Pennsylvania, I certainly hope you consider moving out of the State; Communist NY, NJ, Il, or CA might be the place for you. Hell, I would consider helping you pack.

You're complaining that people wont accept gun control, while I'm complaining that I cannot buy a Howitzer. I don't think this state is big enough for the two of us; and my family has been here since before Penn himself; so it certainly isn't me who is going. GTFO of PA with your silly notions of gun control; I'm sick of it and you people.

Oh, and if you knew anything about the PA constitution then you would know that it is even stricter than the 2nd amendment of the federal Constitution, by stating, "the right to bear arms shall not be questioned." Which means that you don't even have authority to question my right to bear arms; as far as the PA Constitution is concerned.