Comment: I don't want this to be too long..but

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I don't want this to be too long..but

"I don't believe anyone is coming for your guns." You're not paying attention.

Sorry, but we don't need AK 47's And just who are you to say what is and is not okay to own? Do you see the hubris in this statement? Why do you get to decide what ANYONE does with their money? Why do you get to decide what is appropriate firepower in defense of liberty or property? And what governs your hubris? If you feel tomorrow a .45 semi-auto 1911 is overkill, will it be so? Perhaps only .22's the next day. and none the day after that. Do you see the danger in your thinking?

Republicans are no friends to gun owners. I know that and agree. Reagan was no conservative, either. Means nothing to me.

And are background checks really a bad thing for someone to own a gun. Yes. It is a necessary prerequisite to confiscation. Otherwise the manpower and resources needed would be too great. This means felons as well. The right of self-defense and protection of ones property is a natural right. NOT a gift of government.

"others will say we need to protect ourselves from a Tyrannical government." 'others' being both the federalist and the anti-federalists that framed the constitution. anyone saying otherwise is either ignorant or disingenuous. And to say "well you're already outgunned, might as well do whatever they want now" is a nonsensical argument.

"And you can say what you want about me without really knowing who I am, but I believe in the 2nd Amendment." It is clear that you do not. At least be up front about it.

"tell me what you feel the 2nd Amendment protects. Do we have the right to own a Nuclear Bomb? To extreme? Can I fly around in a fully loaded F-16? No, how about drive around in a tank? Can we own anything the begins with the words "Surface to Air"? A rocket launcher, a grenade thrower? Please tell me where your "line" is. "Shall Not Be Infringed." I read those words and believe they mean exactly what they say. I support no law with the word 'gun' in it, ever. Period. Do you have any idea how much a tank, SAM, or fully loaded f-16 costs? If you've made money honestly by providing products or services and decide you want to waste money on something like that, absolutely. Go for it. I'd rather them be available to everyone (with bottomless pockets, mind you) rather than just have a military armed to the teeth waiting to have their guns and tanks turned against civilians. As for a nuclear bomb, consider what you're proposing. I shouldn't need to waste any more time addressing this.

“I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.” Thomas Jefferson

"Am I really that extreme because I believe the line is right before an automatic rifle which holds a clip with more than 10 rounds and your's is right after it?" Extreme? No. You fall in line with most of America, I imagine. Dangerous? Infinitely.

I'm afraid you place too much confidence and trust in an institution that deserves neither.