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Comment: Again NO response.

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Again NO response.

Again NO response... I've made myself VERY clear, and you simply cannot respond to the point I made, because you are a fraud and liar who just wanted to spew out "dribble" and insults. You want to be a Sandy Hook embarrassment to the LM.

AGAIN I want you to steak on the point he and I made, not your Sandy Hook hallucinations, and spare me your links.

Talk to me about his Constitutional Amendment prohibiting "unwanted interactions" from government. All forms of justice are "unwanted interactions" when seen from a victimizing criminals point of view.

He wants to make the Constitution, the law, and justice meaningless and without any means to impose justice on those who choose to live as victimizers taking liberty.

HE wants to destroy, and I say there's only one reason for that; he is a lying piece of Anarchist garbage who wants to victimize people, who wants to live in a world without justice.