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It is ok to make a thread like this. Im sorry for your down votes. It raises a very important question and reminds me of one of RP's most famous and most often said lines.
This quote goes for anything that divides us as a country.
Abortion, Drugs, Guns, Gays etc etc..

We have 3 systems of gvt.
local, state and fed.

"The bigger the issue, the more local the solution should be" Ron Paul

The problem with any "gun control" is because it is being done at the federal level and will include all 50 states and 4 territories.
Wouldnt someone in American Samoa need an AK 47 to shoot a herd of wild boar charging them?
One big monolithic answer for everyone- is not what the founders had in mind. They put the power in the local Sheriff to arrest a sitting President. That is proof. No one else can arrest a president except a sheriff, and only if the president goes into that sheriffs district.
Who can arrest the sheriff? The local commissioner or constable in his district, that has the sheriffs home inside of it. We have 4 commissioners here. Only one of them can arrest the sherriff. The one who has the sherriff living inside his lines.
No one else can arrest the sheriff.
Not the FBI or CIA or Military. No one else.
That is why Joe A hasnt been hauled off and stands up to Obama.
He has no fear because the Constitution will not permit his arrest by the feds.

The issues we discuss here- issues everyone knows divides, are not supposed to be on the federal stage. Even Pauls own supporters look to the fed for answers and discuss the fed everyday!

Our mayoral elections are supposed to be the biggest and most important election, not a president or even a governor.
Keep that in mind when you speak of control and who should hold the power over us.

"The bigger the problem, the more local the solution should be" Ron Paul

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016