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In Pauls own district, I was speaking to voters at the biggest voting location in our district, and next to me about 5 yards away was the other candidate running for sheriff.
I was talking to voters going in to vote- about the dem running for sheriff who is an oath keeper, hillsdale graduate etc etc, only dem on the liberty candidates list and only dem tea party endorsed that I know of- in our entire country. He was only a dem because his father was a cop and also a dem, and had no idea about the parties and what they stood for- as we should have our law enforcement dumb to politics. I liked that. His honesty and cleanliness was beyond compare, except maybe RP himself. He solved many of the big crimes here, including missing babies found dead in Galveston bay in a suitcase. In criminal investigation unit as captain for several years. He had 29 yrs of police exp here- as did his rival. They grew up together here.
His rival was over the jail and was put as major because he stepped down in 08 as a dem candidate for sheriff and allowed another to run as a dem, and he won so the new sheriff promoted Henry Trochesett for stepping out of the 08 bid.

My dem candidates rival (Trochesett), (another dem who the republicans had flipped to run against my candidate John Pruitt), was standing 5 yards from me, listening to every word I spoke to voters going inside to vote. Im strong when talking with others and they hated me, wouldve shot me if they could.

I was talking to voters about the constitution and how important it was to have a sheriff who followed it. How the sheriff has the power to arrest a sitting president if he is accused of a crime and comes into the sheriffs district.
This drove the other candidate crazy that I was a republican and I was campaigning for the dem and was speaking of his solid qualifications and constitutional views.

at one point, after hearing me speak on the constitution to thousands of voters walking in to vote- the other Dem turned republican candidate for sheriff leaned over and whispered to me, "I dont care about the constitution, only YOU care about it"
The republican candidate(Trochesett) that said that went on to win in a fraudulent election.
All polling locations went down several times that day, causing voters to wait hours to vote and most walked away. No paper trails on hand.. etc etc.
Machines were flipped, people saw the election workers inside the back of the computers and everything. People claiming their votes were flipped. It made national news over the discrepancies that day.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016