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Comment: Sheriff Harrison Knowledge?

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Sheriff Harrison Knowledge?

Sheriff Harrison after being Sheriff for 45 years should be an example to many other Sheriffs in this state, and you can believe, they're are alot of other Newer Sheriffs in the State of NC who look up to him!

I don't know where exactly now, but at one point, a gentlemen from the audience tells all the Sheriff they can begin their constitutional education be "Googleing" Sheriff Richard Mack!...At that exact moment, Sheriff Harrison shakes his head "NO", and says "There's The Mistake!".....

And Yet Latter another individual from the audience ask "Do you guys as Sheriffs have to swear an oath to uphold the constitution, the same as everyone in the military?".....All three Sheriffs look back and forth at one another, then the Sheriffs Lawyer, hands Sherriff Harrison a copy of his oath, and says "we figured this might come up" Takes the page of paper to the podiem, begins to read it, looks back at the Lawyer, and says.....Yea?.....Yea!

45 years of experience, and yet we find that he has an active case going on right now where he has charged a woman with "Using A Weapon Of Mass Destruction" for using an "AK47 Variant"!!!!