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Comment: It's not the bill of NEEDS

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It's not the bill of NEEDS

Nobody needs anything besides water, gruel, and shelter.

But a free society protects life. Sometimes mechanical tools like guns are required to protect life. Not often, and hopefully not in our lifetime, but its a cold war. Equal arms, equal respect. Someday you might need to fight off many people. If so, you should be prepared for such an event if you so choose.

No one NEEDS freedom of speech, or jury trials. No one NEEDS search warrants. But they are essential to free society.

Also, there is no such thing as just a little compromise. If we all vote to cut off your arm, should you compromise and cut off your hand? If everyone else cheated, is Lance Armstrong less of a cheater? No. You either believe in something or you do not. Don't let people like Bill O'Reilly talk you into just a little bit of fascism. No one ever got their wife just a little pregnant. Some things are absolute.