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Comment: Than go start your own Anarchist society?

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Than go start your own Anarchist society?

"It's not that they want to end government, they merely want to SECEDE from government."

Than start your own Anarchist society, but good luck finding anybody to fight for it. Anarchists are cowards who just want to live free off of the labor and sacrifice of those around them, under the umbrella of security created by the borders, military, and law that people obey, yet they want to secede, and to be free of justice while they live in the society justice creates.

The only place Anarchy works is when the Anarchist is the last person on earth, which may explain why their only objective ever seems to be to destroy.

"A true Non-agressive anarchist understands that complete liberty means complete responsibility for your actions, and it doesn't work without the golden rule."

The Golden rule does not stop people from CHOOSING to use force to take what they covet. You're going to need a system of justice, and if you intent to use collective force imposing justice on people, you're going to need more than your wallet and a gun.

If that's all you have is violence, than don't act all surprised when you're facing down another collective using violence to get what they want, and what they'll justly want is to be free of your coercion and violence bought and paid for by whichever warlords boots you lick this week.

"Please stop portraying all anarchists with the same brush."

Than stop calling yourself an Anarchist. Words have meaning, and I know you wish they didn't; but they do, and you chose to call yourself an Anarchist so that's what you are. Don't get angry at me for your choices. Take responsibility for your actions, and you chose to invest yourself in failed ideas.

You chose to beach yourself and die under the weight of your own Anarchist blubber, so don't expect me to pretend I don't see you there, or mistake you for something other than what you are.

"A voluntaryist believes in the right to life, liberty and property and is a SELF-governer"

Your self government gets destroyed by collective force whether it's a bigger government or a free market of coercion and violence, and ultimately justice is IMPOSED on all the self governed tyrants through collective force, by bringing more force to bear than you can defend yourself against.

Even criminals and tyrants will try to defend themselves when push comes to shove, and they won't want justice imposed on them. They'll even start screaming about how I don't have a right to impose justice, and how I'm breaking the NAP.

Anarchist can't explain their justice system, because they need to explain how they're going to use collective force bought and sold to the highest bidder in a free market of coercion and violence to serve justice, without any representation, consent, debate, or transparency.

You will serve a warlord Anarchist, and that warlord will use collective force to take liberty, and while he does, you'll stand there picking your Anarchist nose talking about the NAP.