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Comment: Live by destroying, and be destroyed.

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Live by destroying, and be destroyed.

"He wants no government, not the one we have right now."

I know that. He's Anti-Government, but doesn't know how to spin it so that it makes any sense.

Anarchists want to destroy my Constitutional Republic and replace it with something, yet they don't know what to call it, because they're liars and frauds who just want to destroy. They can't explain what it is they want to create, because most of them don't want to create anything, and when those who do TRY, it starts sounding like what it is, government.

"Dude, you are a ridiculous caricature of a gung-ho liberty-lover anti-anarchist."

I thought I made myself clear? I don't give a damn what any Anarchist thinks, says, or wants, because everything they do is about trying to destroy. They're two faced liars and nihilists, frauds and cowards.

Justice isn't my rule. It's not something I made up. It's one of those underlying laws, and people who want to destroy ultimately get destroyed, if not in this life; after.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Live by destroying, and be destroyed.