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Comment: Rand just loves to hear himself talk.

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Rand just loves to hear himself talk.

He seems to be far more concerned with getting on the Sean Hannity show then helping his constituents out in Kentucky. Kentucky has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation is the poorest state in the union per capita.Yet he seems far more concerned about whether a chamber clip can hold 7 bullets or 10 bullets.

I've heard that Rand was confronted with a number of working class people who had a lot of questions for him about what he was doing for them in Washington to which he would never answer any questions they had for him and pretty much snuck out the back of a town hall meeting into a nice limo waiting for him in the back.

How pitiful is that, Rand is nowhere near qualified to run for president he can hardly do his job as a Sen. in Kentucky.All this power just seems to have gone to his head,and I will tell you this if Rand tries to run for president he's going to lose his job in the Senate in Kentucky and rightfully so.