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Good topic.

We have come to a place where even the people who oppose "entitlements" are dependent on the government. My husband works in "the private sector" in healthcare. Take away medicare and medicaid, and he will be unemployed. My landlord is an uber-conservative, yet this entire community is filled with people on Social Security.Take away Social Security and she has a Squatter's Camp on her hands.
When the poor are derided by conservatives for doing the only thing they can figure out to survive, we create our own "blowback." A little understanding in place of negative judgement and a hand up could swell the ranks of liberty lovers. But if you blame them and threaten them with being cut off of the only source of aid they have, you create enemies.
As for delivery - when I was making videos regularly, I would write my "talking points" on a box and put it behind my camera. It helped me keep on track and keep the tempo of the videos moving along.
Keep at it!

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