Comment: I still don't hear how Ron Paul is an Anarchist

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I still don't hear how Ron Paul is an Anarchist

I still don't hear how Ron Paul is an Anarchist, because Anarchists are liars and frauds who hide behind liberty, yet do it no service, and in fact attack anything that does liberty ANY service. He was a Congressman and Representative, a member of the government and serving the people, a Constitutionalist, a Libertarian and Republican trying to defend liberty with government and doing it by debating the use of collective force and limited government.

He has no problem with governments defending their own borders, serving justice, or defending the rights of their people.

Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty because they won't defend liberty with the only thing that can, collective force, and they argue against justice, disavowing unwanted interaction, pretending mans covetous nature doesn't exist so thus we never have to deal with them. They want to destroy government and replace it with a free market of coercion and violence, and covetous people will have NO PROBLEM operating within that system. They WANT THAT SYSTEM.

The free market does not serve justice, and covetous people hate justice. The free market serves VALUE and the best way to create value with violence and coercion is SLAVERY because productive labor is where value is born.

A free market of violence serving the principle of self interest will serve mans covetous nature and whichever man has the most money wins. Might will make right, so slavery and the products of slavery will be normalized in a world without justice.

Anarchy is a fraud born from those who think they're surrounded by sheep and soulless animals, something to be preyed on and ridiculed, to be fed upon in a free market of coercion and violence serving the principle of self interest, but the only thing it will serve is the self interest and covetous nature of the Anarchists who buy and use coercion and violence to get what they unjustly want; power.

You aren't fit to vote, and that's about the only GOOD thing that comes from Anarchism, fewer Anarchists vote or take part in the debate because all they want to do is destroy something they NEVER understood.