Comment: Mixed feelings about this but

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Mixed feelings about this but

Mixed feelings about this but mostly negative. I'm glad they're so infatuated with a trivial illness and waste so much time making fools of themselves, but sad that so many people buy into this. Propaganda is profitable. Of all the vaccines I might consider the flu vaccine is about last on that list. What an enormous waste of money. Many people get the flu shot through force if they are certain kinds of workers and many get the shot because of the harassment from people who ask the question over and over, "did you get your flu shot yet?" I don't even like to eat preservatives, food coloring, and other immune-suppressing toxins like those found in the vaccines. Another example of unintended consequences is the modern medical model. The accomplishment comes from a great deception in our culture where if enough people believe a lie, when people point out their personal choice not to buy into it, they are criticized and pressured in every way. A lot of those silly arguments work this way. If enough people are deceived it must be true; because the herd believes it it must be true. Or even if its not true we don't have the guts to put ourselves out of that popular cultural circle. We sacrifice truth and our individuality for primitive herd instincts.