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...the tiny little town I used to live in had it in their tiny little paper that the tiny little police force purchased some of the most powerful arms made! WTF!!! There was no reason for that what-so-ever! And they weren't a very kind FORCE one likes them. And also, didn't one of our soldiers overseas go bananas with one of those things? Killing families and even children? Don't find anyone talking about that anymore. They weren't Americans, therefore not human? Just making a point I guess.

And what is also scary in the medical thing. You think there are crazies out there now? Wait till they start with this stuff. Then everyone who needs help in their life, little or a lot, will be afraid to go for it. This makes no sense. I think there are already laws that allows people to invade privacy rights if they make

This world is getting scarier by the moment.=/